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Date : 8/24/2009
Time : 6:24 PM
Title : DE DEUTCH !

so i'm finally back! i was in poland for two loooong weeks and might i say now, i kind of miss it... i didn't get to blog before i left because i was too busy with packing and rehearsals, but here i am and i have yet to inform you all with the insight deets. i'll be doing this in point-form because who honestly has time to type out a whole novel? ANYWAYS:

  • first of all, i was in poland not for a vacation (?!?!) i was there with my dance group performing for two international dance festivals that took place in Strzegom and Kolobrzeg (not sure about the spelling).
  • we didn't stay in a 5 star hotel like we did in mexico, instead we stayed at a monestary and a school dormatory.
  • cold cuts+bread+potatoes+cheese was the only thing we ate there. you'd think that sausages and perogies were the only thing there, wrong. i recall only eating that stuff like twice.
  • tonchi: "can i have a bigmac"
    cashier: "what size? small, medium or large?"
    LOOOOOLLLLL omg. he ended up getting a "regular" wtf.
  • mercedes+bmw taxi's everywhere.
  • poland has the cutest stray dogs ever! there was this one night when we were walking back to the monestary and comes a husky dog coming towards us, major trip of life i thought it was a wolf/creepy little girl running towards us.
  • tita nena: "ey you want canton?!"
    neil: "what's that?!??"
    hahahahha, i don't know but me and kristy just found it hilarious.
  • my bblove april and her night. don't wanna get INTO it, but let's just say : baby seals+sharks+ "why didn't anyone tell me i was so ugly??!! :"""( " hahahh <3
  • corned beef+rice+chips mixed all together is HEAVEN ...
  • i'd wake up to the sunlight shining on my face and to the sounds of a murder of crows every morning in Strzegom (aka at the monestary)
  • Colombian Dream Team: Kanye West, through the wire+Tony Parker+Al Pacino+Doubting Dave/Jepedo+Barack Obama/Barockin' my world+Corbin Bleu+Cutesies+King Kong+Diego <3>Indonesdian Dream Team: Ray B's (Josh)+Adam+Roi+Tica+Ola+M.Hoang look alike <3>
  • Partied every night. Mirinda+some sort of vodka aka like Bols or like Sobieski, yanno
  • Janine's wipe out ...hahahah :"D
  • Communal bathrooms at the school dorm, laaaame!
  • Creepy little polish boys waited outside of the girls bathroom. fucking kids. i loved how ate rose, joedie, and myself were kicking and knocking on their doors.
  • Joeds bought a bb gun for her nephew and couldn't stop playing with it. "G.I. Joedie" haha
  • Hotdogs at the gas station are DELICIOUS!
  • Polish lays are a mouthful of...RAINBOWS?!...haha but yo, polish chips are BOMB! Chicken flavoured cheetos that are shaped as drumsticks?! HOLLER.
  • the crowd always loved us and of course jazzy. I recall getting two standing o's
  • i can officially say that platu is my favourite dance...in the muslim suite.
  • ate rose and roomies (ate odette+apes+janine) stayed in a room at the monestary where they performed excorsisms in, aka actual creepy shit went on in their room:
    -ate rose never takes off her necklace, and she woke up one morning with it being on the side table, and she swore she took it off the night before.
    -april+janine's wokeup and both of their blankets were folded neatly at the end of their beds.
    -while showering april heard crying.
    -they always locked their door at night before going to bed and one morning their door was open.
    they assume that it was a little girl playing with them?! there was a picture of one hanging beside ate odette's bed. CREEEEEPY SHIT YO!
  • walking on cobblestone with heels is death!
  • i hate circle dancing
  • eurobeats suuuuck ass!! and polish people are hilarious when it comes to dancing to it: circle dancing+light shows with their hands
  • ecuadorians are sooo ooogly :/ no offence, but yo, chins fer dayzzz. hahah
  • ate crista and i would get really sensitive everytime we heard the c and i words (colombia+indonesia) we loved them off, cleary.
  • ivan aka king kong had a gay crush on justin...teheh :)
  • David "Yaya" was a cute and a more organized guide then Anna. That damn slew.
  • Yaya means testicles in polish :) hehe
  • ate crista is mad dark ferrr daaaaayz!
  • "Pizza Hit" hahaha wtf?!
  • Room 224/12, probably the awesomest roomies ever (ate crista, joeds,krisel, kristy and myself)
    -made a scene and crashed the usual late night light shows LMFAO.
    -"aiights, flying in v-formation"
    -our room was always messy, like you can't see the floor messy.
  • i love how all of the aguinaldo's laugh, and being with them for two weeks i honestly think that i somewhat sound like them when i laugh, loud. hahah but i loooove it! <3
  • "i luuurve tita lurvie!"
  • i don't think i could ever be comfortable with any other group of people other than my fiesta fam, like seriously "i gotta fart/i gotta shit/can you tweeze my armpits/do i have any boogers"
  • the late night talks with the ate's. "drunken words are sober thoughts" so true!
  • the hideous camel faces me and kristy would make at each other hahah :")
  • booking it to get a computer at the "internat room"
  • the tita's had to take my tna leggings and turn them into a bootleg costume of platu for krisel
  • the ecuadorian sun dancer, ERRRRKS M'GERKS! he was so ooogly! :""(
    -while making a scene with my lovely roomies, mr. sun dance tapped my arm and asked if i wanted to dance but i just got up and ran to D.I. hahah, ruuude i know but yeah...
  • there were enough words and phrases that were said by others and are now part of my vocab aka like:
    -"LEENIE!!" , ate rose
    -"FER DAYZZ!!", me :) hehe i got everyone saying that one
    -"DE DEUTSCH!", ate rose+ate crista. it's like my fave word!
    -"THIS IS DELICIOUS", april. she fell inlove with the hotdogs from the gas station at first first bite haha
    -"birthday boy, birthday boy, CHIK CHIK"
    -"OH THE NERVE+HOLY CATS+THAT's A HOLY CATS DEAL!+HOW LOVELY+YOU KNOW HOW IT IS", tita lurvie. omg looove that woman off! <3 :")
    -"HEY HOE", ali
    -"ON THE REAL/REALZIES", me of course haha

there were definitely other moments but i just can't remember. overall the trip was awesome despite the atmosphere and all the other things i complained about. i love travelling with my fiesta fam. i can say that this trip has brought me a lot closer to everyone and that's why i love it. i'm kinda sad that i have to miss a practice or two since i'm going to MEXICO on wednesday, i know wowzers?! but yeah. for any fiesta members who took the time to read this: i love you and thanks for being awesome! i see you guys as my second family and i wouldn't trade any of the moments we share together for the world!

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Date : 8/07/2009
Time : 9:39 PM
Title : ding-dong, leen calling!

Put your name in, and generate slogan after each question.

What do you say to yourself every morning?
"the leen of champions"

What do you want other people say about you?
"we'll leave the leen on for you"

Someone asked you out,your answer is...
"tense, nervous, leen?"

How would you answer a booty call?
"anytime, anyplace, leen"
hahah, gross.

How would you introduce yourself to someone you like?
"welcome to leen country"

To someone you dislike?
"beware of expensive leen"

You're in a conversation and you suddenly feel the need to pee, how would you excuse yourself?
"mamma mia, that'sa spicy leen!"

Your parents asked you why you got home late, you say...
"beanz meanz leen"

You're failing a subject, you say...
"you need a leen"

The love of your life asks you to marry him/her, what do you say?
"we all adore a leen"
of course ;), j-k-s.

Your bf/gf is breaking up with you, you tell him/her...
"it's that leen feeling"

Someone told you you're an asshole, you tell them...
"the leen with the hole"

What are the best words to describe you?
"there ain't no party like a leen party"
lodi dodi!

If you're going to have a movie about your life, the title is...
"be like a dad, keep leen"

Your last words before you die...
"with a name like leen, it has to be leen"

Your message to special someone
"so easy, no wonder leen is #1"
"so easy" ...erks.

Title of the post will be...
"ding-dong, leen calling!"

i hate this. hahah


Date :
Time : 9:17 PM
Title : oh happy day

what a great day :) honestly. went to phia's around 12:30 and did the usual, grabbed some bubble tea then went back to her house and had one of those bedroom talks we always do. but oh man, it was the first time this summer that we got to see each other. i'm really glad that we're okay now, and really thankful that phia forgave me. aww that's what i love about my bestfriend, no matter what shit she goes through or what people give her she can always somehow forget about it and just move on. this all reminds me of the talk that my cousin and i had, but that's for a different blog post.
after phia's, mommy picked me up and we went downtown to do some late minute shopping for my poland trip (leaving in two days, oh man.). i thought shopping downtown with mommadukes would be dreadful but it wasn't that bad at all. i was planning to pay for everything, but here she comes pullin' out the bills...bills, bills, can't pay my telephone bills hahaha. after downtown we went to eat out at the usual spot, pho.
good day, good day. im currently talking to my boyfriend, i kind of miss him.

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Date : 8/06/2009
Time : 6:38 PM
Title : k back.

Turns out i wasn't suppose to come into work today? Since no one showed up last thursday boss victor decided not to have anyone work on thursdays anymore (dude, it was just one thursday...it's not even that busy-_-). but whatever i stayed because i wanted to get paid, and what better things did i have to do anyways? actually... i could've chilled longer with shane and chia. BOUT THAT: yeah i met up with them at square and just walked around. bought some "gesso" white mac eyeshadow for dance and some taco bell. i also took out 20bux from the atm and my current balance is just HORRIBLE :""(i just keep swiping my damn debit card -_-" after tomorrow i should promise myself to no longer use my debit. im going downtown tomorrow with mommadukes to do some last minute shopping for POLAND and i need to get phia a birthday present.
OH AND, i spotted my #1 ride or die mandem, "BREEZY"...hahah, francis aguilar if anything. but yeah oh mannnn, i haven't seen him FER DAYZZZZ YEAARZZZ! i was really glad i saw him :D, we plan to hangout this saturday before i leave.
anyways, the sytycd finale is on but i'm not watching it?! i'll just watch the rerun on much on sunday.

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Date :
Time : 1:26 PM
Title : dreadful thursdays.

it's official, i secretly hate thursdays...but that's only because i got work. ughh i really don't wanna work. BUT UHM this is just a quickie, brb.

Date : 8/02/2009
Time : 8:55 PM
Title : one step at a time

okay yes i find myself guilty AGAIN for making another one of these blog things. BUT let's cut to the chase. i'm really glad right now because i'm finally talking to the two people who i've been wanting to talk to feeerrrr daaaayyzzz! being the pussy, money, weed i am it took me like a million years to open up their convo boxes and a million more years to type up something in click send. turns out that both convos went...normal? or rather, more than i expected? so what i'm tryna say is that i'm really happy and i feel a lot better, a lot more confident. i'm glad that i have a second chance, though one of them said that it's obviously not going to be the same (obviously..) "might be less than what we had in the pass...or greater than? only time can tell" and it's true. darn you time. but it's whatever now, i shouldn't complain anymore or at all.

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